Central Banking Services

Central-Banking-NZACUCentral Banking Services seeks to maximise the return on Members’ liquidity reserves within the parameters of a robust and conservative liquidity management framework.

NZACU acts as a liquidity facility for our Members, managing a liquidity pool and providing a variety of deposit and funding services to Members to meet a range of financial requirements.

Central Banking Services enables our Members to access experienced and highly skilled investment expertise that may not otherwise be accessible to smaller financial service organisations.

NZACU’s centralised Treasury operations include:

  • Transactional banking facilities – current accounts, settlement facilities
  • Funding facilities – call deposits, term deposits, overdraft facilities, revolving credit facilities and term loans
  • Letters of credit and guarantee facilities
  • Securitisation
  • Risk management tools such as interest rate swaps
  • Member access to treasury management expertise.

To find out more information about any of the services listed above please phone David Smart on +64 9 520 0451 ext. 805 or email david.smart@nzacu.org.nz

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